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Empretec Program

At the end of the sixties, United Nations officials found that, to promote economic development, employment and wealth creation in our societies, it was necessary to systematize the knowledge around business people so as to lay the theoretical foundations which allow us to design a training system for successful entrepreneurs.

Thus, in 1982 David Mc Clelland – researcher at Harvard University (USA) – was called and after four years of study, he came to the conclusion that innate entrepreneurs have common patterns of behavior, which allow them to develop successfully. Later, he discovered that these patterns were similar in all successful entrepreneurs, independently of their countries of origin, micro and macroeconomic situations, type of business, education received or even social status. In this way, he discovered ten essential behaviors:

These conclusions gave birth to the design and foundations of the Entrepreneurial Skills Training Program, thanks to which Empretec detected the possibility to create tools aiming at favoring the birth of new companies, through the identification, promotion and training of new entrepreneurs. This program evolved and became the UNCTADs flagship training program, known worldwide as Empretec Program. In Argentina, this program is implemented by Fundación Empretec Argentina through its Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW), since 1988 until today.

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