Fundación Empretec Argentina

SMEs creation, development and linkage program for the strengthening of regional economies.

Designed by Fundación Empretec Argentina in collaboration with the Banco de la Nación Argentina (Argentine National Bank) through its Departmental Management of Microfinance, this program counts on the support of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Its aim is to contribute to the development of regional economies through the creation and consolidation of endeavors, the strengthening of SMEs and the construction of social local capital.

Communities with Value sets out to explore the demand for goods and services of the consolidated entrepreneurship of the region so as to bring such demand close to entrepreneurs and new companies that can satisfy it, thus generating real business opportunities.

In this sense, it relies on the conviction that the right to genuine employment is the central element of an inclusive public policy, aligned with the goals of the new United Nations global agenda for the sustainable development 2030. The Program's counterpart are the most important municipalities and economic and social actors with whom work is done jointly, generating spaces for dialog between the local government and the production, employment and education areas.

Moreover, for both entrepreneurs who succeed in settling down in their region and for those who manage to find a job in those endeavors, this fact becomes an important incentive for them to take root in their places of residence and it prevents young people from migrating to urban centers in search of job opportunities.

The learning process to which selected entrepreneurs have access includes topics related to vocation, habits and entrepreneurial behaviors, personal skills, training in management tools, education and financial management, business planning, cash flow and environmental protection.

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