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The Entrepreneurship training Workshop (ETW)

The Entrepreneurship training Workshop (ETW) is based on the premise that the willingness to create endeavors or successful businesses is a social behavior that exists potentially in people and that can be activated as overt behavior through an appropriate training methodology.

It aims at familiarizing business people and entrepreneurs with behavior patterns of successful businessmen so that they can identify, recognize and evaluate these patterns in themselves and others, be able to strengthen those they consider necessary, in order to apply them to the management of their own ventures. The Workshop is developed intensively during six consecutive days and is taught by instructors trained and certified by the United Nations, who teach participants called "empretecos", the behaviors associated with entrepreneurial success through games, roleplays, business simulations, in a playful and experiential way.

In this way, experiences are shared among people who have the same objectives and eagerness to launch a business, which also offers as an added value the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships and sustainable contacts. The aims of the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) are:

  • Give participants a frank and comprehensive assessment of their entrepreneurial potential.

  • Reinforce participants' trends and skills to detect business opportunities, set challenging goals, deal with complex situations and ensure their clients' satisfaction.

  • Strengthen participants' self-confidence.

  • Introduce participants with the Business Plan as a planning and management too.

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